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Family and Marital Problems

It is safe to say that problems arise in all relationships. Family relationships are no exception. Many family problems are resolved immediately; some require a little more time. Still, there are times when family and marital relationships get stuck into negative and destructive relationship patterns.

Anyone who has a condition that interferes with his or her life and the lives of family members may benefit from family therapy. Usually, the better the family functions, the lower the stress level for the person with the health problem. Family therapy has been used successfully to treat many different types of families in many different situations. Some examples of problems that may be helped with family therapy are:

  • Marital or couples conflict
  • Child behavior problems
  • Children having problems getting along with each other
  • One family member having a mental illness, such as a substance use problem or depression

Family therapy can also be useful before problems begin. Some families seek this type of therapy when they are about to have major changes in their lives. Some examples are moving to a new area, children dealing with divorcing parents or when two families are joining together.

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